Friday Night Fever

I’m back! I’ve got an exciting story, too, so grab a beverage and get comfortable.

This past Friday, I went to MUSC for an EKG/Echocargiogram (to see how my heart is functioning with all of the chemo) and then some labs in clinic. In clinic, my labs called for a transfusion: 1 unit of blood and 1 unit of platelets. Since the previous evening, I had had a headache and was sporting a particularly sour mood. Finding out that my morning visit to the hospital was going to become an all day stay upset me even more. I had planned a nap for my afternoon. Anyway, I didn’t feel as rejuvenated as I normally do following the transfusion, but at the time I didn’t think much of it. I went to bed as soon as I got home, chilled to the bone. My mom woke me up at about 11 that evening, wondering why I had slept so long. We took my temperature, and sure enough, I had a fever of 102.6 and a raging headache. Back to MUSC for me. To make a long, arduous story short, I was admitted to the hospital until Monday morning. The doctor on call was actually surprised that I hadn’t already had to come in with a fever. This can apparently be a recurring problem for some kids. The main concern is bacterial infection, so for my entire stay I was kept on two antibiotics. By the end of my stay I had been given three more units of blood and two more units of platelets. My fever broke on Saturday night if I remember correctly, but I had to be fever-free for 48 hours before I could be discharged.

Bonus story: When I got my first dose of one antibiotic, I had a reaction called Red Man Syndrome. My face got incredibly red, and my entire scalp itched like wildfire. It’s a common reaction, but if the antibiotic is administered at half the speed it typically doesn’t happen again. Pretty scary, though, at the time.

That’s enough for the huge blocks of text. Tomorrow I return to MUSC for my first session of my third cycle if my body is ready for it. After my third cycle, it’s surgery time. Right now that’s scheduled for mid to late August, but that could change if chemo is pushed back too much.

I’ll end this with my regular thank you to everyone. You have all continued to support me and keep me going, and I could not be more grateful. My oncologist was surprised at how much the tumor has disappeared, but I was not. I attribute it to your prayers and your continuous love. Thank you so much.

11 thoughts on “Friday Night Fever

  1. I was so glad to get an update on you. I think of you often but never see any BE children to ask them about you. What a weekend you and your family had-the Red Man Syndrome would have freaked me out too! Know that you are thought about and prayed for daily. Sending you a big hug and lots of love-Mrs. Ferguson

  2. So glad to hear from you. Your words both inspire and show your amazing strength. Keep on keeping on!! ❤️Michele Bayme

  3. Hannah, here is to continued endurance for this process. Your attitude is amazing and so necessary for your fight in this battle. God is leading the way as the tumor shrinks and prayers come forthwith. Just know that you are not alone and your family and friends are so supportive and loving. Everyone knew going in that this would not be easy. Until you have walked in someone’s shoes, you cannot imagine the journey. Stay strong my girl!

  4. Hannah, it has been said before, but you are truly an inspiration. You bring me to tears with your words whether it is from the depth of your christianity or the laughter I get from your quirkiness. I love you and am so glad to hear the tumor has shrunk and as you said, we all know who had a hand in it!

  5. Hannah your amazing-ness does not surprise us at all…you are doing great and we are so behind you, praying and thinking of you! Makes me think of the scene where the two witches of Oz are meeting face-to-face in Munchkinland and you are Glinda the Good Witch, laughing at the western witch’s threats saying, “Begone! You have no power here!” to that dumb tumor that is so OUTTA here asap….the Pavlides

  6. Hannah, thanks for the up date. You are our inspiration and keep us going with that beautiful smile of yours. Wonderful news about the tumor shrinking. We will all keep you in our prayers and pray that tumor away for good. Love U and your laughter and smile. Love and hugs send to you. Gwynette

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