A Blanket “Thank You” Post

It’s time for me to actually update this poor blog. And it’s also time for me to thank you properly.

I haven’t been responding or updating or doing anything a decent person would do because I was genuinely overwhelmed by the amount of love and support I was and am still receiving. I was literally paralyzed by the comments and likes and profile pictures and gifts and cards and flowers and text messages and prayers…and I don’t say “literally” because I’m hip with the cool words, I say “literally” because I couldn’t have responded appropriately if I wanted to. Now, though, I think I am ready to attempt to show my gratitude.

Thank you so much. Yes, you. You reading this. I feel every ounce of your support and your love and I don’t know how to reciprocate accordingly, which drives me crazy. I never saw this cancer coming, and I never thought (in the 10 minutes between receiving the news and receiving the first messages) that I would be as supported and as prayed for as I am. I can only hope that there is an opportunity in the future for me to return the favor and to make a difference for you.

I’ve added a picture of the boat at Folly that my amazing cousins painted for me. So many people have changed their profile picture on Facebook to the boat to show support, and I haven’t been able to comment on each picture to thank them. I HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO THANK EVERYONE! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! Anyway, here’s the picture.



Mini update: Last Thursday I had one last biopsy for a spot on my pelvis called the right iliac crest that showed up hot on the PET/CT scan. Many things can show up hot on this type of scan, which is why I had a biopsy. The results have not come in as of right now, but once they do we will be able to determine what type of chemo I’ll be treated with and when I’ll start.

13 thoughts on “A Blanket “Thank You” Post

  1. I love you Hannah Boo! Thanks for the update. the kids,Andy and I are are continually thinking and praying for you and Toto too! While Kali, obviously, is not able to fully comprehend what is going on, her little heart knows that something is just not right and she is torn apart. And not just on school days she talks about Toto more than ever and can’t help but cry when she goes to school now 🙁 anyways, I just want you to know that you are loved SO MUCH and are on our minds and in our hearts ! Hugs and kisses from the Westalls !

  2. Still praying every day for you! Thinking about you and your family everyday wishing there was something I could do to help. Love you, Darlene

  3. Girl, After seeing you all gorgeous and dressed up so pretty on Friday and hanging out with you on Saturday you would never know you are going through a life changing event! You are always upbeat and positive! That is what is going to get you through! You are my hero!

  4. Hannah, You always amaze me with your great attitude toward everything!Know the Boolens are praying for you & your sweet mom every day. Life hands us lemons sometimes, and I know you have been given a huge lemon!!!! I know you though,and you will make some AMAZING lemonade out of this situation!!!Already missing your sleepy & smiling self on the BE rides!Love & hugs to you!!Cindy

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    Love you bunches
    Patty, Mike, LIndsay and Gray Weber

    • You are in my daily prayers and sometimes more throughout the day. Your family and friends as well. You are a bright intelligent and strong young lady who can beat this with all the love and support and prayers. Hugs and Love from Barbara Chandler and Jennifer and Justin Brownell

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