And So It Begins

Last week, my hip area ached so badly that we went back to the hospital for some imaging (I had had a biopsy on my pelvis there the Thursday before) to figure out why the area had begun to hurt so intensely a week after the procedure. We waited for 4 hours for the insurance company to approve the CT scan, and I was on the table for 5 minutes. Super awesome. The radiologist said she didn’t really see anything overtly wrong, and we were free to go. I say this only because I promised to capture my journey on this blog, and this is what happened. I also wanted to mention that I had the most amazing smoothie from the MUSC cafeteria…it was so tasty. Mmm.

The results of the biopsy came back inconclusive a few days ago (the pelvis one). The tissue was found to be necrotic, which essentially means it’s dead. There were cells that could either be lymphocytes or Ewing cells. Knowing this, the doctors have chosen a more aggressive track of chemotherapy. That chemotherapy begins tomorrow.

The time is now. Matthew and Katie brought me lots of cool stuff that will make the chemo suck less, and in doing so they’ve given me the illusion that I’m going on a trip. That’s how I see it right now. I’m just packing up all my cool new stuff and going on a field trip to the hospital.

I’ll post again when I can regarding the chemo itself. I have no idea what I’ll feel like, but hopefully I’ll be able to post a thing or two about how I’m feeling mid-treatment. Anyway, thanks for reading my rambling. I hope you’re doing well.

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  1. Good morning Hannah ,
    Thank you for your blog . You are on my heart many times a day . Each time you or any of your family come to mind I am praying for peace and healing . God is being glorified through you ! Oh yea …. One of my favorite things about working at MUSC are the smoothies ! You have excellent taste ❤️! Love and blessings this beautiful day that God has given us ! Hugs ….Lora

  2. Hannah, You have an amazing attitude! You are still in the prayers of our family. I have also put you on a confidential prayer list for my amazing priest who is going on a pilgrimage in Spain. Now you will be international!

  3. Hannah, I have gone thru chemo and radiation myself as well as them finding that dreaded tumor. I totally understand the road you are traveling. One piece of advice is to drink 32 ounces of water after each chemo treatment to wash the residual from your body. You will still be nauseated the first day, but, get the chemicals out and you will feel better. Yes, you miss the hair, but, do the scarf or get the wig. The best part is there will be no more “bad hair” days. Your positive attitude is spot on and you are an amazing young lady. I told your Mom that a handful of walnuts, almonds or one Brazil nut a day will give you the selenium you need to help fight the cancer. There is no known cause for Ewings Sarcoma. No enviromental, food, they do not know why these genes turn on or off to cause it. Just know you are not alone and we have world class treatment centers right here. Just give it to God and he will see you thru. You will meet many others on a similar journey and it will be an amazing experience. Most of all, you will now be able to help others who have similar journeys to take. Your Mom was absolutely terrific to me and I know she and your Dad will support you in this journey. Let me know what I can do to help you Hannah.

    Tina Doscher

  4. Love you, Hannah! I’ve been telling my friends who don’t know you but who have seen the viral sensation, “Beat it, Hannah!” that you are the role model I would pick out for my girls. But, my girls beat me to it! You are loved dearly by all the McCabes, including those with four legs.

  5. Think of you so very often each day & praying for you.You are such an amazing young lady with an incredible spirit!!!Miss your sleepy/smiling face on the BE rides daily.Glad you have discovered our amazing smoothies at MUSC.Let us know if we can ever do something to help.Sending love & hugs your way as this journey begins.God will get you through this!!Thanks for sharing your thoughts.You are such a blessing to others! Miss Cindy

  6. Sending you prayers and love Hannah! Your senior pictures are incredibly beautiful and your strength through all of this is inspirational.

  7. I know we don’t really know eachother, but I’m praying for you and much love. <3 get well soon . 🙂

  8. Hannah, as others have said, you are in my thoughts and prayers so very often throughout the days. You are one very special girl and so very strong I know you will beat this thing. I thank you for keeping us informed and I know you have lots of support, but please don’t hesitate to let us know if you need anything. We love you!

  9. Hannah,

    know that I and the entire Mason Prep Family are with you each and everyday. All our love, support and prayers are for you each and everyday. I hope you are enjoying the student videos!!
    Mary Jo Stemple

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