Chemo: Round 2…Also Almost

Well good golly Miss Dolly, have I dropped off the face of the earth? Seems that way.

May it never be said that I am a consistent blogger. Informative, maybe, but not consistent.

Today’s post is really a boring one, for I haven’t done much. In fact I seem to have reverted to an infant. All I do is eat, sleep, and poop (pardon my vulgarity). That is quite it. In terms of chemotherapy, I’m still waiting on that dismal 6-day stay. In this round, the first appointment, the 2-day hospital stay, really knocked me for a loop. Day 10 after the 2-day is supposed to be the lowest point, and boy was it ever. I was horribly weak and pale. Luckily we had a clinic appointment to check numbers and other fancy things. I received 2 units of blood, which was literally like being injected with new life. I’ll take this moment to thank any and all blood donors, and encourage those who are able to donate to do so. I was a blood donor before my diagnosis, and now, being on the other side of the donation, I appreciate the value of a donation even more. I wish I could come up with an appropriate analogy to explain how I feel after transfusion. It’s probably what Bella Swan felt like when she became a vampire (apologies for a Twilight reference).

At this moment I’m improving every day: carrying on with my infantile duties, waiting to be brought back down low by the 6-day trek. If I didn’t have the nose of a bloodhound right now, and if I weren’t nauseated by the plastic, sterile scents of the hospital linens, it’d probably be fine. Unfortunately, neither of those “if’s” is true. However, this is not a cry for pity. In my last 6-day stay, my next-door neighbor was celebrating his 83rd day in the hospital. I would not be able to handle that.

Again, I’m going to conclude with a huge THANK YOU to all of your support, prayers, amazing gifts, meals, cards, and everything else. I am able to tackle every new day because of it.

The Interim

Hello all! I just wanted to throw out a quick post between treatments. The day after I posted we went back to clinic for another try, with success! I was admitted for my 6-day inpatient treatment, which I honestly don’t remember a lot of (sorry for ending a sentence in a preposition). I slept for most of it, and most of my waking hours were spent peeing. TMI again? Sorry. I tried to watch The Lego Movie, but the next day I couldn’t remember watching it. I watched it again, but forgot it again. I now know that I will not get anything productive done in the hospital. Don’t worry, I watched it for a third time last night and loved it. I know you were probably worried.

I’ve never really been scared of or uncomfortable with hospitals, and I’m still not, but staying in them is even less fun than you might imagine. I’m really sensitive to different smells right now, and the plasticky, sterile hospital smell is the absolute worst. Mom and I found that putting a stick of gum on my upper lip is a great way to mask the smell. Apparently, surgeons often put oil of wintergreen on their upper lips during surgery for the same reason. Dad failed to share that with me.

Anyway, I’m just throwing out some stuff right now in the time between treatments. More of my stubbly head hair has fallen out, which is good for sleeping because it’s prickly. My eyelashes thinned a little bit, which sucks. I am, however, holding tight to my eyebrows. Hooray! It’s the little things.