Reality Check

This post is gonna be a hard one, so bear with me.

I went in for more chemo a couple weeks ago, a longer stay that would enable me to leave for college and come back into town for the shorter stays. I’d be able to go to school and still finish treatment. It was the ideal situation. However, my jaw had been bothering me, aching and keeping me from eating normally. It was the second time it had happened, so I had a scan to see what might be the problem. There was something behind my left sinus, but it was unclear what it was. I had a biopsy two days later: Ewing sarcoma.

I don’t know what this means. I’m having scans in the next couple of weeks to see what is happening. Until then, I’m just waiting around. I’m not going to school right now, I’m not moving in, I’m not doing anything. My plans are shattered like fine china.

I apologize that this post isn’t jovial, and that my thank you notes from graduation (I know, I’m ridiculous) are only half-done. I’m doing the best I can.